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Lubeless Products

Key Benefits:

  • This patented product allows pipe to be assembled without any type of lubrication. The gasket is permanently lubricated and can not be wiped off. This gasket has an extruded film on the leading edge that has a very low COF. This film can be applied in any color.

  • All of our thermoplastic products are offered as Lubeless gaskets.

  • No lubrication.

  • No wrapping due to higher UV resistance.

  • Lower insertion loads.

  • Eliminates roll out due to improper lubrication.

  • Consistent assembly.

SpringSeal developed the technology for dry assembly gasket systems that do not require manual application of lubricants prior to assembly. This "Lubeless" or Pre-Lubed process is a permanent low COF film that is applied during the extrusion process and can not be wiped off. This film is applied to a portion of the leading edge which allows the gasket to grip the pipe and limit separation after assembly.

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