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Dedicated to Providing the Best In Industrial Sealing  Solutions.

Providing the best in engineering solutions for global industry.


SpringSeal's design and engineering capabilities span from basic O-rings to complex sealing systems. Our expertise in custom extrusions, thermoplastic products and complete ASTM testing can develop a sealing solution for the most challenging jobs. 


What began in 2003 as an innovator of dual hardness gaskets evolved into a company that today owns multiple worldwide patents in gasket and fusion processing and manufacturing technology. SpringSeal now works with leading-edge companies on critical sealing applications from concept to final production.


Our products are highly engineered to be price competitive and offer many performance advantages over Thermoset materials. Thermoplastic materials are 100% UV and Ozone resistant and offer chemical resistance beyond the capabilities of EPDM and Polyisoprene/Natural Rubber.


By utilizing our patented Pre-Lubricated and Multi-Durometer technologies your company can offer a product that stands out above the rest. Laser engraved product marking, unique serial numbers and color coded Pre-lube films are now a reality. Why should you settle for less? Get the SpringSeal advantage and improve performance while improving your image.


From concept to final production we can offer solutions to help you and your company succeed. 

Better products better performance. Call us today.    


Springseal utilizes advanced computer technologies to reduce cost and improve performance:


  • Development of highly engineered sealing systems.

  • Complete ASTM D3212 Pipe Testing.

  • Custom Designs.

  • Custom Engineering.

  • Complete Extrusion Applications

  • And many other services.


Springseal provides a large range of custom sealing systems for an emerging global market. Call us today and see how we can help you.


  • Pipe Gasket Systems

  • Pre-Lubricated Seals

  • Multi-Durometer Products

  • Seal-Tite Couplers

  • Custom Extrusions

  • And many other options.

Better Engineering Starts Here!
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